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Article introduction

The defecate of the darling eduction that 10 months control if color is black, so parents are about to notice, because such open kissing,light is the circumstance of occurrence indigestion likely, can give darling appropriately to undertake filling iron, if do not have ameliorative evidence for long, should have groovy examination in time, find out specific reason.

 Black of defecate of 10 months darling

How does darling defecate black do

When darling defecate black, should consider darling to whether have filling iron above all, should eat to fill when chalybeate or filling iron food, can appear black, the defecate after out of service can return to normal. Add to darling so complementary when feeding, should consider above all complementary the coloring that feed, if ate banana, persimmon to wait to also can make defecate blackens, stop after eating, restore. Except complementary the cause that feed, want to consider to whether be problem of darling enteron haemorrhage, proposal instantly1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Send check defecate, with diagnose.

If be the darling defecate black that takes chalybeate or indigestion to cause, prevent and can be recuperated commonly through adjusting food. During, baby food should with onefold, delicate and advisable, if drink rice water, eat congee. After period of time, can add bit of vegetable a little, fruit juice, ground rice easily digestive food. If it doesn’t matterFall in love with the sea

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Influence, need not special processing.

If darling defecate is ” asphalt appearance ” black, can consider to bleed for darling enteron, need to see a doctor.

 Black of defecate of 10 months darlingForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

Defecate black is what reason

What reason is defecate black? The reason with darling black have a bowel movement has the following 4:

1, be like edible the blood of the animal, liver and more flesh kind, or take dose of chalybeate, carbon, defecate can present black.

2, enteron disease: ForForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Blood is the commonnest reason, include sex of prolapse of mucous membrane of gastritis of disease of eyewinker of esophagus varicosity, esophagus, ulcer, acute, stomach, intussusception, haemorrhage necrotic sex small enteritis, wring narrow polyp of resting obstruct of sexual intestinal obstruction, beautiful Ke Er, bowel, anal fissure.

 Black of defecate of 10 months darling

3, haemal disease: New student haemorrhage disease, hemophiliac, leukaemia, aplastic anemia, plaque decreases reach allergyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Sexual purpura.

4, other whole body contracts sexual disease, wait like septicemia, typhoid fever, darling swallows a mother to produce blood or tit cracked blood, of nose, pharynx, gingival haemorrhage swallow etc.

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