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Although modern society is not any more,one is weighed male light female society, but the main purpose that a lot of friends want 2 embryoes is for second birth to it before the child is different sexual child, more or less to return so OK and a few more complementary. Generally speaking, stem from professional morality, the doctor is to won’t tell pregnant woman the fetal sexual distinction inside body, so pregnant woman can try to be judged with other method. So, darling throbs 15Forum of Shanghai night net

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0 be the boy or girl after all?

Does darling throb 150 be the boy or girl?

How to see unripe schoolboy according to fetal heartbeat female

Having kind of view is, fetal heartbeat under 140 / cent, it is boy; prep above 140 / cent is the girl. The fact proves, girl heartbeat is taller than the boy, when just was born, this just is right, fetal heartbeat is other without any difference between the boy and girl.

Does darling throb 150 be the boy or girl?

What the speed of the heartbeat just follows fetal age is different and change. Making an appointment with pregnant 5 Zhou Shi, the heartbeat of fetal heartbeat and mom is adjacent, namely 80 to 85 /Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cent. Next to pregnant 9 weeks of heartbeats inside this paragraph of time are accelerated gradually to 170 arrive 200 times / cent. NextShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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To pregnant metaphase inside this paragraph of time gradually rein in comes 120 arrive 160 times / cent.

Does darling throb 150 be the boy or girl?

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Fetal heartbeat sees a men and women accurate

Does fetal heartbeat see a men and women accurate? Expert of department of gynaecology points out, actually this does not have scientific basis. The content that guards an examination because of fetal heart is the fetal heart that records the moment through signal draw metabolic placeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The formation curve that guards a graph, when can understanding quickening, the reaction of heart of the embryo when palace shrinks, with conjectural palace inner tube have without anoxic. EmbryoFall in love with the sea

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normal heartbeat is to be in 120 times / divide ~ 160 times / between cent, if fetal heartbeat lasts 10 minutes above <120/ is divided or > 160 minutes, making clear fetal heartbeat is unusual.

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