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Have white bubble this is a lot of little baby1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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A kind of circumstance that appears very easily, cause the reason that has this kind of case to have a lot of, because be appeared inside oral cavity by the infection of virus,be likely a few disease cause thereby, was to eat what food get angry to be brought about thereby likely. If want to had been treated,this plants parents circumstance, need understands ability of its reason suit the remedy to the case to cure quite, darling introduces in detail below there is white bubble in the mouth is how to return a responsibility.

There is white bubble in darling mouth is how to return a responsibility

The likelihood is thrush, affect by beads bacterium, On1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Breed is very fast, can enter esophagus along with food, serious when oral cavity sees hematic silk, stem guttural, make pronunciation hoarse. Can use if make mould element,fight fungus medicaments piece on dolly besmear tongue, get effective very fast.

Remedial means:

One, with gargle of sodium bicarbonate water, can change the acidity environment that fungus lives, be helpful for controlling fungus. 2, the medicaments that can fight fungus in local external use, make mould element ointment for instance ointment of B of element of bisexual perhaps mildew, fungus of OK and direct control is affected. 3, the medical history that should read to had had long-term application antibiotic. If this kind uses medical history, disuse antibiotic. If afore-mentioned methods are invalid, the proposal undertakes checking to normal hospital department of stomatology, become fungus blow piece, whether does diagnose have fungus infection, it is white beads bacterium. If be fungus infection, use external application according to particular case medicine perhaps is taken all over fight fungus drug, will have treatment.

There is white bubble in darling mouth is how to return a responsibility

Thrush is infect by fungus, disease is caused in what mucous membrane surface forms white spot film, see Yu Ying child more, also see more grow up infirmly at body. Darling grew thrush, oral cavity can have aching feeling, darling can reject to suck the breast accordingly, cause appetite to decrease, weightNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Growth is slow. Nevertheless mother also need not worry too, thrush compares light therapy, can grind with the element that manufacture mold end and agent of cod-liver oil drop are smooth, besmear put on the skin is in achieve a face to go up, every 4 hours use drug, curative effect is distinct. The darling with serious symptom is goluptious also take a few medicaments that fight fungus, if make mould element or gram mildew Zun,wait have comprehensive treatment. The mom of lactation should notice food is delicate, avoid acrimony, wine kind excitant food.

There is white bubble in darling mouth is how to return a responsibility

Of thrush nurse daily:

1, should use bombazine Jun to touch physiological saline to brush oral cavity to darling on mom finger everyday, he just begins two side and gum; to do not deserve possibly to close, then you brush your teeth before him, let him feel amused, be willing dehisce, and do not want every time too long, it be brushed a few times is OK to be brushed a few times;2, one day one makes mould element, (Scarcely should buy the vegetable that manufacture mold, ah ah) crocus divides oral cavity that is put in treasure inside, the disinfection after the water, dinner service that nurses;3, treasure to use gives out every time is not drunk in half hour, if the mother breeds, in treasure before eating every time, reach after eating, remember must be being cleaned, do not be afraid of a trouble oh the toy of;4, treasure must use boiled water scald everyday drug still should be used 5 days after there is visible thrush inside the;5, mainest oral cavity that saw treasure namely, ability effects a radical cure thoroughly.

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