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Gem gal is a kind of very good movement way, and learn to do not have too great difficulty, want of course particularly perfectness, for certain him need makes great efforts one time. And among gem gal, a lot of movements are having special effect, because this oneself is put in the word of what problem, can go practicing these movements. So the issue came, does gem gal hero sit what profit does this movement have after all?

Does gem gal hero sit what is advantage?

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The means hero of Vira of Rasana hero type, soldier and champion.

This sitting position needs double genu and approach, exhibit outside double foot, hip sits up on its. Heroic type to contemplative have profit very much with breathing control.


Have the person of the problem to crural ministry, this is a wonderful exercise. If often practice the time of on a few months, this hero type can eliminate the ache of bipod calcaneal, make form proper sufficient Gong Du, conduce to cure flatfoot. Same, suffer from the people that follows spur to be able to feel this pose reduces anguish not only, and still graduallyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Make also disappear together with spur.

Heroic type still conduces to the ache that cures genu ministry to be caused as a result of gout and rheumatic place.


This pose has basic method and a few aberrant ways.

Basic method

In the begining genuflect is on the floor.

Double genu and approach, bipod is apartSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
, toe points to backward.

Hip puts the floor that falls between bipod.

Do not sit on bipod.

The side outside two femoral should the inside contact of as corresponding as its crus.

Does gem gal hero sit what is advantage?

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Aberrant law

Can do a few kinds then from this basic hero type aberrant.

Aberrant one

Had held high left arm first, bend ancon, try to reach left hand toward transfer to a lower level between two bladebone.

Put down sword arm, bend ancon, rise right antebrachium promotion, can knock at right hand finger and photograph of left hand finger till you.

Head and neck are erect, forward and orthoptic.

Normal ground breathes, maintain this pose 3 0~60 second.

Does gem gal hero sit what is advantage?

Aberrant 2

Two tactics 10 point to intersect, turn over two palms the centre of the palm up, get on two arms to the top of head unbend (graph 4) .

Back wants straight, breath wants profound and even.

Along with your apiration, protect for a long time as far as possible wait for this pose.

Next expiratory, unlock the two tactics finger that intersect, put two tactics.

Aberrant 3

Put two strike with the palm of the hands in baseboard bottom above.

Forward jackknife, put forehead in the ground to go up

It is normal that breath wants, maintain this pose 1 minute.

Next inspiratory, raise stature.

Stretch two legs ahead straight, loosen rest.

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