Mine company is made newly ” spirit of black rose female military ” new cut scheme reveals interrogatory system

The JRPG game that mine company Compile Heart announced his to develop today ” spirit of black rose female military ” content of new cut scheme. This game will land PS4 platform at was in Japanese area on June 30.

From inside check scheme we can see more new role, include the magisterial Miyako Osatani of severe ACID commander Taiki Shinohara and leading role.

Additionally the unique interrogatory system in game also gets revealing, this can count is one of core content of game, the news has been announced before, a traitor can appear randomly between a few leading role in this game, the player needs to think will identify its come out.

In every time interrogatory in the player can ask a series of problem, these problems can point to every member of maniple, be in next interrogatory ending, the player needs to who sum up to look the suspicion that has a traitor. The player’s speculation will be rated, if analyse,right word still can win award.

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