Russia belle COS ” koradji 3 ” hope li of one character disagreement be about to move a knife

” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” the Cosplay that aroused numerous Coser is enthusiastic, we saw inside short time many and outstanding ” koradji 3 ” Cos, a few days ago, girl of a Russia brought ” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” in hope the Cos graph in, color of dress, hair, setting is like ” koradji 3 ” medium true setting, in asing if to take the world of koradji reality, come, must let person gasp in admiration.

In this group of COS, hope the dress in is not jacket of common that body white + the modelling of palm skin pants, however later stage is free the dress in DLC, the jerkin of acton is resolute in showing little sex appeal again. Want to dally with such hoping li of girl, that can be court death really, had you seen the girl that one character shoulds not to move small knife?

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