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Login register constant of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be entered greatly bureau does real intent publish 10 thousand sections the tired origin: that entrusts Jie Moke of right to vote of deep iron exercise? Qu Xian?2017-03-17 10:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

Of the equity of 10 thousand divisions of prolonged contend for Anacreontic with each passing day, the outside is caused before this a lot of guessed Chinese constant is big (Hk.3333) show the capacity eventually.

The announcement that late on March 16 constant issues greatly says, what its already held its the right to vote of the 14.07% share correspondence of some 10 thousand divisions, entrust at exercise of Shenzhen subway group. In the meantime, constant returns negotiable securities of the letter in already will holding impawn of some equity of 10 thou爱上海同城对对碰

sand divisions to grant greatly.

So far, of equity of 10 thousand divisions contend for produce big changeover, the agitate bureau that is thought originally person suddenly change one’s identity, into the person that it is understanding bureau. Does Dan Heng spend m爱上海同城论坛

oney like water greatly, rescue sb from a siege what is the purpose of predicament of equity of 10 thousand d上海千花网论坛


The story of a play or opera that the the Three Kingdoms reduces inverts

Calculate on the 15.31% share that profit group buys deep Tie Conghua before this, right to vote of actual place pilot already surmounted Shenzhen subway group hol上海夜网论坛

ding a treasure of 25.4% can be, become the word issue person of 10 thousand divisions. This ending hard-earned. The personage inside the job that what pay close attention to equity of 10 thousand divisions for a long time is contend for expresses so.

Its think, although 10 thousand divisions are at the beginning of last year,send through adding of purpose introduce Shenzhen subway, but as a result of before object clearly of Hua Run of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, plan to go aground for a time. When those, of equity of far-reaching 10 thousand divisions contend for as if already at a stand. If,the market guesses treasure can with Huarun together, pilot equity is adjacent already 40% .

More crucial is, directional after adding the plan of hair to stop, shenzhen subway wants in chip seek of exiguous with each passing day 2 class market surmounts treasure can be difficulty very big afore-mentioned market personages express. Be able to acquire control right nowadays, the right to vote with big constant is entrusted crucial.

Review whole of equity of 10 thousand divisions contend for, constant intervenes oneself greatly only then be full of controversy. After be being contended for from what entered 10 thousand divisions in August 2016, constant shows the state of aggressive greatly. Be less than 3 months merely, become the 3rd large stockholder of 10 thousand divisions.

Although constant emphasizes a 10 thousand divisions just investing behavior all the time greatly, but look in market personage, constant differs as completely as the attitude of common and financial investor greatly. More resembling is to accuse a type to sweep money, analytic personage guesses, constant congress is denied in be covetous on 10 thousand divisions control right.

But the trend of incident guesses with the market apparently abhorrent.

Intervene oneself case, constant was not shown greatly accuse an intent. Last year in December, xia Haijun of constant big president makes known his position more publicly to also won’t become 10 thousand branches innocently control a partner. Almost same time ” money is new ” report again weighed constant to already was made to Shenzhen municipal Party committee, municipal government greatly made known his position at 5 o’clock, include to be added no longer support 10 thousand families, do not do 10 thousand divisions to accuse a partner, place to hold stock released deep subway, abide by arrangement temporary hold stock, comply with deploy supports 10 thousand divisions to recombine plan to wait.

Constant acts further greatly nowadays, impawn of share of 10 thousand divisions, entrust right to vote grant Shenzhen subway. This a series阿爱上海同城

of movement, all show constant dominates a 10 thousand families innocently greatly.

Does constant old end where?

Entrust right to vote greatly in constant grant after Shenzhen subway, this enough is record in China of the equity of 10 thousand divisions of commercial history contend for, almost final judgement. So, constant employs the big investment of more than 36 billion greatly with Jie Moke tired, does the purpose where?

Good year of constant of reporter thumb through signs up for discovery, its update a domain to have in Shenzhen city exceed 20 projects, land lays in an area to make an appointment with 10 million square metre, money worth exceeds 600 billion. Shenzhen already became the strategic area of constant large position

And last year in October, constant still announces his greatly already with deep the room reachs his to accuse a partner to accuse greatly to cast sign cooperative agreement. Constant general opens overweight group state-owend enterprise deep the form of the room returns to A. This action, must win Shenzhen city state endowment appoint give an official.

Was last year likewise October, the market has pass the group headquarters with old constant to will remove to Shenzhen, the progress with great constant already was destined the support with Shenzhen is inseparable. Will look on another level, below the circumstance at that time, the big company that also only the hand holds heavy gold just has the actual strength that alters an aspect.

A lot of evidence shows, it is capable on one hand, it is to have demand on the other hand, equity of 10 thousand divisions contends for the agitate bureau with big constant battle, be not is rich and capricious only, develop a space to having close correlation with the future of oneself however. Accordingly the analysis thinks, heng Daji is solid from make clear with respect to the target at the beginning, it is those who solve 10 thousand treasure to contend for and inter mediate, of facilitating incident satisfactory solve, the development that is oneself opens a space.

The contend for progressively be over as 10 thousand treasure, the shareholder structure of backside of this well-known company had 10 thousand divisions to be balanced newly again. Of deep subway enter advocate, the business that means this traceable Shenzhen returns the bosom of Shenzhen afresh, and the constant that crucial effect has on second incident here is big, also intensify more with the relation of Shenzhen close. Can say, of an equity contend for, shenzhen won two giant enterprise, became the biggest win the home.

After this, 10 thousand divisions and constant are big, 500 strong companies of two worlds, will be in Shenzhen this fertile soil is respective and wonderful.

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