“Lunch of Ba Fei spy ” will leave who can patting the person that win out be? How many money to spend?

[will lunch of Ba Fei spy leave who can patting the person that win out be? How many money to spend? ] the message occupied Beijing of center extensive network on June 5 Chinese sound ” news freely ” report, spend two many hours again, at 10 o’clock half, a lot of investor, large stockholder, these meet the person that seeks petty gain to network shopping platform far from at ordinary times, can stare at the commodity on a net nervously however, and be willing pay day price for it. This follows an expression namely the chance that Wolunbafeite takes lunch in all.

Since 2000, buffett can auction the opportunity that shares lunch with oneself every year, the person that win out can invite 7 friends and Buffett to be in new York at most the lunch that dining-room of a beefsteak takes 3 hours in all. Sale income will contribute beneficent orgnaization. Current, on the auction page of EBay net, still can sign up through phone or mail, price is sent since 25 thousand dollar. Of course this number has bail effect at most, current offer a price is early 阿拉爱上海同城

exceeded 1 million dollar, and the meeting after predicting to begin in official sale is pulled quickly tall.

If was patted 2001,follow a god to take the chance of lunch in all, should spend 20 thousand dollars only in those days enough. But till last year, clinch a deal valence has been as high as 2350 much RMBs, namely three million four hundred and fifty-six thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine dollar, by one has sense of humor quite and up to now faceless personage is patted. 2015, the person that win the bid is Zhu Ye of deity entertainment president, bid price is 2.35 million dollar in.

A meal of millions of dollars, what did these high-end investor follow a god to chat? Bafeiteben the person’s custom is, should pay no attention to him only next what is investment plan, ask what is OK.

Zhu Ye introduces him to followed the issue that Buffett talks about 2015: We consulted the educational issue of the child, view to Chinese stock market, imagine without everybody actually in that way, the family listed book of a lot of secret to me, actually particularly simple, he is early tell everybody, it is everybody does not believe he is only such.

So, it is very difficult that everybody is afraid ox of future of the dope in the lunch from Buffett list. Actually, more than it is Zhu Ye, about investing the issue of secret book, the answer that Buffett gives holder is same.

Zhu Ye shared him generously to spend what 2.35 million dollar changes to come from a magical investment suggest: He is the most important tell us, when selecting a stock, the most important is whether he understand this to raise stock, understanding truly this company, the financial standing that understands it reachs management state, know position of its brand, market, and whether does manufacturing product satisfy user requirement really. These ability are the most crucial. Just be the angle from share price next, the most important is this price whether be everybody thought market is small. No matter the market is big environment how, should think this share price has been mixed only when its net assets matchs basically, why to buy?

This is like need not expensive it is a god, should be the common sense that all investor know. However, zhu Ye says however, I say to be worth, but total somebody does not believe, I also do not have method. Patristic Zhao Dan Yang evaluated collect of illicit of the person win the bid 2008, China this lunch: The thing that I get cannot be measured with money, and will have major effect to the investment later. The person win the bid 2006, step by step Duan Yongping of high group president thinks, he can gain investment success, depend on special to Ba Fei understanding, more the concept that depends on insisting to carry out Buffett.

Perhaps, look in these high-end investor, an ox what be they do not care most. Perhaps be the word that some everybody know only, must speak out ability from mouth of Ba Fei spy unluckily more allow investor people dependable.

Zhu Ye says, also made some of investment in the past actually, do well still, just by is him subconscious the thing in. Return a little big thing for ce上海贵族宝贝交流区

rtain, it is paper of a window. So I come to th上海千花网

is time also is to hope to find this window paper, defeat its disclose next.

Zhao Dan Yang is eati上海千花网

ng a meal to also say later with Buffett, before a lot of issues come, I had wanted to understand actually, but dare not leave heavy hand, I can have worry. And after communicating through this, dare leave the investment that weigh a hand now.

This kind of word says very easy to read and understandly obviously, party expressed always however to see the Yuan Chao talk at the meani爱上海同城论坛

ng of literal itself, outer person looks have bit of look even and go up; But in reality, zhu Ye starts from the ad firm of 3 million asset, accomplished today of 20 billion cover webpage game, hand to swim, direct seeding, even the industry of movie and TV. The net drama that stre上海贵族宝贝论坛

ak heat sows before ” more than blame ” backside boss is Zhu Ye. And after Zhao Dan Yang eats a meal with Buffett, made illicit raise from suddenly change one’s identity of manager of a fund patristic, even person China Ba Fei is special.

No matter follow the concern of the meal,have how old, metabolic after all is to have, and very big. The auction of lunch of Ba Fei spy this year should begin again immediately, final is this opportunity beautiful fall whose home? Can you be Chinese investor? And compare common, everybody is interested but the thing that he himself perhaps does not care: How many money to spend? These problems, we can know very quickly.

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