Li Kejiang: Drive ” one belt all the way ” construction optimizes area banking natural resources to configure

Li Kejiang of premier of the State Council will make association establish congress to send congratulatory letter to 阿拉爱上海同城

Asian gold confluence on July 24.

Li Kejiang goes out in congratulatory letter middle finger, build dovish, efficient banking system, it is the main base that world economy can expand continuously. China initiates support actively to prepare to construct association of Asian finance collaboration, with ” UniC阿拉爱上海同城

om collab上海千花网论坛 爱上海同城

oration, treat in all share ” for the tenet, optimize area banking natural resources to configure, supportive each country especially burgeoning economy system develops. Just wish in with relevant each in all business is driven ” one belt all the way ” construction, inferior gold assist can offer strong prop up.

Li Kejiang expresses, association of collaboration of hope Asia finance takes the concept such as green finance, general benefit finance, active exploration, unitive cooperation, the person be built in all of the person that work up becomes what the promoter of area banking communication and collaboration, metric system decides to lead, safety and processing of the stable person that safeguard and global banking, the steady progress that is Asia and even global economy finance makes positive contribution.

Ma Kai of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council is attended establish plenary session. Associatio爱上海

n of Asian finance collaboration decides location Beijing, virgin member includes to come from the 107 finance orgnaizati上海夜网

on of world each country.

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