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Very may much person had not eaten Qiao cake, the characteristic that this is a kind of northeast is fastfood, it basically is to use buckwheat flour to have knead dough with hot water, put in evaporate of a pot for steaming food next ripeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Can edible, the method that the practice makes steamed stuffed bun with us is similar. Tall cake the use that this kind of food is the most important is burden, condiment has salt, soy, vinegar and red oil to wait for those who undertake allocating, suggest everybody should be OK so the making method that will understand tall cake.

The making method of tall cake


Buckwheat flour is right amount, water is right amount, garlic fine and soft is right amount, pepper sauce is right amount, salt is right amount, vinegar is right amount, soy is right amount, green right amount

Practice 1. A few water are heated in a caldron, after boiling, fire shuts small, slowlyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Put buckwheat flour powder, the edge puts an edge to churn with the chopstick. Finally ought to be stiff panada shape.

2. is filled in big bowl, cool cool, cut or it is any form that oneself like, mixed the flavoring that love went advocate makings: Buckwheat flour, complementary makings: Carrot,

Condiment: Salt, soy, vinegar, sesame paste, mustard sauce, do chili, garlic

Practice 1, cut carrot silk to add souse of a few salt a few minutes, garlic takes mashed vegetable or fruit, put into small bowl, join sauce of sesame paste, vinegar, soy, salt, mustard smooth reserve, the stir-fry before stewing in doing chili to put bowl works, take out mincing, heat up oil to make chili oily; into a few

2, take one containers esp. for use in the house, put buckwheat flour, add a few salt to mix divide evenly, with boiled water vivid face, on take out after evaporate of a pot for steaming food is ripe cut piece, place in dish in, carrot silk is placed all round, irrigate on sesame paste juice and chili oil can.

The making method of tall cake


Substantial lysine part is contained in buckwheat protein, the microelement such as iron, manganese, zinc is richer than general cereal, and contain rich and prandial fiber, it is 10 times of purificatory rice more general. So buckwheat has effect of very good nutrient health care. Buckwheat contains rich vitamin E and dissolubility prandial fiber, still contain nicotinic acid and Lu Ding at the same time (rue glucoside) , rutin has the effect that reduces blood-vessel of eyesight of blood-vessel of fat of human body blood and cholesterol, bate, protection and precautionary head to bleed. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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The nicotinic acid part that it contains can promote the metabolism of airframe, enhance alexipharmic ability, still have outspread little blood vessel and the effect that reduce haemal cholesterol. Buckwheat contains rich magnesium, can promote human body fibrin to dissolve, make blood-vessel outspread, those who restrain cruor pieceShanghai Long Feng forum

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Form, have the effect that combats embolism, also be helpful for reducing serum cholesterol.

The making method of tall cake

In buckwheat certain yellow ketone composition still is had fight bacterium, diminish inflammation, relieve a cough, the action of smooth asthma, make expectoration easyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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. Accordingly, buckwheat still has ” antiphlogistic commissariat ” good name. Additionally these composition still have the effect that reduces blood sugar. Motherland cureShanghai noble baby

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Learn to think, pleasant of buckwheat sex flavour is smooth, have be good at lienal beneficial is angry, appetizing wide bowel, disappear feeds the effect that changes sluggish.

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