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The fruit of the majority can extract juice to drink, for instance juice of cider, orange is waited a moment, digestive function of person of the some in the life is bad, with respect to meeting choice the juice that press water is drunk, the rich nutrition such as so OK and compensatory vitamin, and still be helpful for digesting, when dot is falling ill, likelihood appetite is very poor, can drink a few fruit juice to the child at that time, so does darling want how old does ability drink fruit juice?

A few months can drink darling fruit juice?

A few months can drink darling fruit juice?

The nutrition in fruit juice is rich, and digest easily absorb, suit baby very muchShanghai noble baby

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edible. Nevertheless, what each parent needs to notice is, had better oneself show crush out to come the fruit juice that says here with fresh fruit, is not the juice finished product that buys on market. So, a few months can drink darling fruit juice? What fruit juice suits a baby? What respect does darling have to need to notice again when drinking fruit juice? Taking these doubt to understand together fall!

A few months can drink darling fruit juice?

A lot of parents want to know when darling can be drunk very much if reallyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Juice. As we have learned, the baby had better arrive 6 months just drink fruit juice. Because be,the carbohydrate that is not absorbed is contained in fruit juice, if drink much fruit juice to be able to increase darlingLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The frequency of defecate, bring about darling weight not to grow, additional defecate crosses frequency to also can cause darling diaper rash; 2 meet those who make darling premature to like to drink sweet drink namely, and rich to other nutrition food not dare interest, create darling nutrition disequilibrium; 3 may cause darling namely fat (like to eat sweet food) or weight does not grow (nutrition is not enough, also disequilibrium) .

A few months can drink darling fruit juice?

Drink fruit juice to abide by to darling 3 principle

Notable is, when the parent is drinking fruit juice to darling cannot assume sth as a matter of course, want to drink at any time and place drink, need follows 3 principles:

1, do not drink fruit juice in night

For the convenience of feed, a few hot Mom have the habit that feeds fruit juice to darling in the late evening. But do not let darling lay down please there still is fruit juice bottle in the mouth when sleeping.

When falling asleep, salivary exudation and natural and clean function dropped, fruit juice immerses all night tooth, corrode a tooth extremely easily, bring about tooth of eat by moth, this is said to do ” fruit juice bottle is asked for integratedly ” . If darling likes suck to wearShanghai noble baby

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Fruit juice bottle sleeps, after that waits for the child to be asleep, take away bottle, be in brush his teeth to him in the morning the following day.

Arrived to drink the fruit juice that added more water to darling in the evening, add more more, was used to till final darling is water completely ” fruit juice ” , this scheme is called ” chase scumble to change ” .

2, do not drink milk when drinking fruit juice

Begin to add when darling complementary after feed and contacting fruit juice, after some parents feed milk to darling, chronic ground drinks bit of fruit juice to the child, think to be done so can reduce defecate difficulty and increase nutrition. Actually, do pair of children nutrition so absorbing is harmful.

Because of acidity beverage (fruit juice) turn the protein in milk into easily clot state, extremely the assimilation that goes against milk and absorb. Of fruit juice drinkable should note as removed as milk period of time, it is advisable to should drinking milk hind 1 hour commonly.

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A few months can drink darling fruit juice?

3, fruit juice cannot be drunk when water

Absorb overmuch fruit juice to wait contain the beverage with low natrium, can cause disease of low natrium blood and cerebral oedema not only, also be two years old of the following babies hidebound andShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Without one of main reasons of hot convulsions.

Drink some of fruit juice to be opposite admittedly appropriately darling is healthy have profit, but cannot let it affect the normal food that substitutes a day of 3 meal even to water absolutely. Before dining, parents should not yield child drink fruit juice, can affect appetite otherwise, be in especially summer, general everyday with exceeding the fruit juice intake of 300 milliliter advisable.

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